OUR Executive crew

Owners Gar + Lara Truppelli

Gar & Lara met while working together at a pizza shop. Natural restauranteurs, they founded Beach Chalet in San Francisco based off of a college project back in 1996.

Now the proud Owners of four restaurant concepts, the Truppellis employ nearly 400 hard-working individuals throughout the Bay. 

Gen. Manager geff Perry

Geff has nearly 18 years in Hospitality management. With a strong management background and deep brewery knowledge, Park Chalet is truly honored to have Geff as the main touchpoint for our Guests enjoying the Golden Gate Park's only Coastal Beer Garden.


Chef Baker is equipped with 15 years as an Executive Chef. With a background in Italian seafood and various degrees from world-renound culinary institutes, he pushes the envelope on creative takes on seafood classics as well as understanding the beauty of simplicity when it comes to cooking pure, honest seafood.