The Groove Objective is rock, is blues, is funk ...a Groove Fusion band.  We are a music genre-bending band.  Our focus is on deep tracks and new arrangements and Da Groove. Some call our performances Music With Out Boundaries...... It's the Groove that defines us.

Our musically diverse band combines strong vocal styles with a funky and soulful sound inspired by generations of timeless groove-based music.  The music close to our hearts and the high-energy results are infectious!

Stemming from the San Francisco Bay Area, and together since 2012, we play originals and cover artists such as Steely Dan, Jeff Beck, Robert Cray, Aretha Franklin, Chaka Kahn,  Donna Summer, Amy Winehouse, Imelda May - to name a few :)  

e’ve performed in many many festivals, private parties and venues throughout the Bay Area including Slim’s, The Club Fox, The Lake Chalet, The Park Chalet (band of the month), St. James Gate, The Half Moon Bay Brewing Company and the Bay Celebration party boat. 

roove is in everything we play…..The dancing is our Objective!!