Pel & The Pelicans aren’t easily pigeonholed into any one genre due to experience and their wide range of musical abilities, but generally speaking they are a rock band. Country, folk , blues, Americana and of course classic rock & originals make up the band’s expanding playlist. For example, they may sound like Dire Straits one minute, then like Johnny Cash, Muddy Waters or The Beatles the next. They also have a distinct sound all their own when playing their own songs. Their originals are inventive and catchy. You’ll find yourself singing or humming their tunes after listening to them at a gig or after hearing their self produced debut album “Take Flight”. released in 2013. Also available on iTunes and other digital distributors is Pels solo album “WTF” a collection of his smart originals from 2010 A complete list of songs, cover and original can be found on their website. They're not a surf band, but can play up to a sets worth of surf music if requested.